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Sysmax Limited Confidentiallity Agreement

This Agreement relates to all Communications (whether written, oral or otherwise) between the Sysmax Limited and the person using the systems provided by Sysmax Limited and whose email and password have been retained by Sysmax Limited online systems on or after this date of agreement as recorded by the online systems of Sysmax Limited and applies to any supply, communication or exchange of information of any kind (including without limitation, know-how, data, software, and other technical or business process matter), all such information hereinafter called "Information", relating to the Subject Matter defined in the Schedule hereto.


Subject Matter:

Ideas and Know-how generated by Sysmax Limited in connection with Competence Assurance, Assessment & Management Processes, Examination, Certification, eLearning and Training including any software, discussions and documentation relating to any of this 'Subject Matter' and shall include all intellectual property whether yet protected by law or not.

The personal data provided by the recipient and retained within the online systems of Sysmax Limited.

Proper Use:

The utilisation of the Sysmax Limited software systems to perform some or all of the following; examine, certify, train, establish or reflect the competence profile of individuals through the processing of data for use by Sysmax Limited and its clients in accordance with the agreements between Sysmax Limited and its clients.

Each Party agrees that:

This Agreement shall in all respects be construed as an agreement made in England and subject to the laws of England and to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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